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VERY BRITISH new site opens for Black Friday

Black Friday christmas

VERY BRITISH  new site opens for Black Friday

Her majesty has commanded that Very British is her loyal website and will become her emporium of British goods. However, she does dally with our American cousins and therefore her very popular books, Gin O'clock and Still Reigning are available through Amazon.co.uk   Go on, give your loved ones a treat this Christmas.

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London gents and The Royal Family know a thing about beards, moustaches and grooming. So do Penhaligon. They have been around since 1870. It's taken them some time to realise that being part of Very British is the best thing a British brand can do, but now we welcome them to our very British site. Bravo Penhaligon's. Since 1870 they have been dousing British ladies and gents in numerous smelly things.  So after 244 years they thought they would launch a male grooming range. So here it is. Click to see the full range and prices.

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John Smedley. Born in Britain. Made in Britain.

If you had been around since 1794 you'd have seen a lot of changes, especially in fashion. You would probably use the past as inspiration as well and John Smedley seems to have gone rather retro, looking at this season's gear.  A lot has changed since then with  design and technology improving beyond recognition: Car keys have gone all electronic! However, John Smedley design remains true to its heritage and is still proudly made in Britain. Their clothes have remained a bastion of British quality and flair in design. I for one, always return to my Smedley Merino wool top...

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Bond is back, but will he make a Spectre..cal of himself in his Sunspels?

Just announced, he's back and fighting is his biggest, baddest, baddies, SPECTRE. One thing is for sure, he will will be keeping his favourite smalls. They are as timeless as he is. With 150 years perfecting the art of timeless British clothing. Sunspel has been making the finest English underwear and t-shirts since 1860. They even introduced the boxer short to the UK in 1947. Their clothes are handmade, and designed  with exceptional care and attention to detail. Just like Q would like. The result is clothing that they say "feels deeply luxurious yet has an understated elegance and sophistication". They...

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Back and trading, unlike another Monarch we could mention.

Why not buy yourself something that is guaranteed to arrive, like some new clothes or something to brighten up your house  all from great British brands. click here for the latest offers from John Lewis

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