Kent and Curwen - It's simply not cricket

Well, it's a bit of a sticky wicket. Those Brits entrusted last year to bring back the Ashes safely back from that pesky colony Down Under. Not the ladies that is; they did us proud, but the gents.

However, our boys need to look the part on and off the field if we are going to trump the Aussies ever again. So heritage brand Kent & Curwen have been charged with attiring many of the the team.

Why? Let’s take a look at the label. Kent & Curwen’s emphasis is on matching casual wear and tailoring – and we are not talking board shorts and a baggy Green – more like Dunhill and Gant Rugger.

Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen joined forces in 1926 providing club ties to the British aristocracy, neckwear to Oxford and Cambridge universities, the British army and public schools, including Eton. It quickly added cricket jumpers to its oeuvre, supplying top clubs and national teams. It dressed the Hollywood Cricket Club whose members included Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier, PG Wodehouse, Aussie Errol Flynn (known for his memorable middle stump) and David Niven.

It took the Japanese to recognise a smart heritage act in the 80s, who smartly went about developing the brand that bowled over Asia. Kent & Curwen now has 141 stores in 63 cities across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as 23 in Japan. But we couldn’t let Asia have K&C all to itself. That’s just not cricket.

The Mother Country with a new store on Savile Row at the rear of its label stablemate, Gieves & Hawkes. And Kent & Curwen, aren’t stopping there, taking on Madison Avenue next year. The company plan to hit the Yanks for six.

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