Christmas immigrant slips pass Brexit border patrol

christmas lights

How could this one get through? We asked the Head of Border control today, who replied.

" We simply weren't expecting him this early".

Even with his distinctive markings and illuminated red nose, Rudolph seems to have slipped in without an EU passport. Labour and The Conservatives don't seem to have an answer. Cameron was speechless, Milliband furious ( Again), Clegg wanted him for Christmas. UKIP's leader, Nigel Farage was down the pub when we tried to contact him.

It seems only a representative of  Carousel lights had an answer.

He's made up. Not the real Rudolph of course. This one is hand-painted and then the traditional fairground light added. We produce a whole range of traditional fairground lighting and neon signs. have a look at out page.

Lights Camera Action here

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