Bond is back, but will he make a of himself in his Sunspels?

Just announced, he's back and fighting is his biggest, baddest, baddies, SPECTRE. One thing is for sure, he will will be keeping his favourite smalls. They are as timeless as he is.

With 150 years perfecting the art of timeless British clothing. Sunspel has been making the finest English underwear and t-shirts since 1860. They even introduced the boxer short to the UK in 1947. Their clothes are handmade, and designed  with exceptional care and attention to detail. Just like Q would like. The result is clothing that they say "feels deeply luxurious yet has an understated elegance and sophistication". They also say that their clothes get better with age and are extremely long-lasting, because they refuse to "cut corners" in their manufacture. Not sure how they make t-shirts then? But if it's good enough for James Bond, then it's good enough for us at Very British, especially when its getting a bit chilly.

Why not have a cheeky peek below.

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